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Managing Travel / Executive Protection Risk in India For Travellers from Western Countries

Ocurrió el 11-10-2012

Travel has always been associated with higher risks to an individual. With times the nature of risks and their degree have changed. Modern day risks to a traveller depend on many factors which can be broadly classified as:-

  • Individual Specific (status, nationality, health, political leanings, religion etc)
  • Destination Specific (political and economic stability, law and order situation, infrastructure etc).

Based on the above factors the risk assessment for an individual is done and the threat may vary from ‘minimal’ to ‘very high’.

Travel to India

India is a vast country with multi ethnic, multi religious population with wide economic disparity. Various parts of the country are at different stages of development resulting in wide variation of prosperity levels. The effectiveness of administration and the infrastructure also vary considerably amongst various parts of the country. All these factors results in an overall law and order situation which can vary from “peaceful’ to ‘dangerous’ in various parts of the country.

The travel risk in India gets compounded by instability in the neighbourhood. Terrorist activities by religious fundamental groups and smuggling of drugs get open support in neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The terrorist activities in the neighbouring countries do have serious fallout on India as most of terrorist strikes have been traced back to these neighbouring countries. At times such terrorist strikes have deliberately attempted strikes on western travellers. Attack on high end hotels frequented by westerners in Mumbai during terrorist strikes in 2008 is a case in point.

The wide range of law and order situation implies that a proper risk assessment be carried out for the travellers visiting India. The cultural difference between the local population and the Western countries further compound the risks associated with travel.

Thus it is important that an efficiently designed and executed Executive Protection Programme (EPP) should be in place before an executive travels to India.

Travel Risks

Any person travelling to India or for that matter to most countries is exposed to the following risks:-

  1. Victim of terrorist attack during transit, at place of stay, workplace or during local travel.
  2. Assassination.
  3. Kidnapping.
  4. Extortion.
  5. Street violence.
  6. Embarrassment (deliberate or accidental).
  7. Accidental injuries.
  8. Illness and medical emergencies.
  9. Fraud / Cheating.
  10. Natural disaster.

Risk Management

A proper risk assessment carried out by our experienced professionals help the travellers to manage the risks in a cost effective manner without hampering the efficiency or the travel plan of the travellers.

Based on risk assessment and the nature of travel we offer services which can vary from a team of armed/unarmed security officers with dedicated transportation to a single unarmed security officer.

Our travel services in India may also include the following depending on client requirements:-

  1. Travel advisory.
  2. Audit of security arrangements at the place of stay and places being visited.
  3. Provision of dedicated transport with English speaking trained drivers.
  4. Selection of routes, safe areas en-route.
  5. Advise on medical facilities and provision of assistance during medical emergencies.
  6. Liaison officer for any interaction with local population.
  7. Arrangements for evacuation/support during emergencies.
  8. Legal assistance in unforeseen circumstances.


The local expertise, detailed planning and flawless execution have been our strong points in ensuring a hassle free travel for our clients in India.

Protector Services Group limited is a registered security company in India with a full capability of consultants and personnel providing Executive Protection, Vehicles and Drivers, business continuity audit teams and Investigators. Our operations are managed and run by Colonel Rakesh Choudhary.

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