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1. Executive Protection Mexico calls the  simple act of hailing a cab a security risk. Our VIP protection Mexico recommends that tourists should avoid flagging taxis on the street.  Visitors should ask the  hotel,  restaurant, or plaza they are currently visiting to arrange pickup.   Executive protection Mexico protects their clients at all times.  Sometimes friends or employees either pose or work with taxis to force passengers to withdraw money from their ATM (known as express kidnappings).  We can avoid these problems by providing armed escorts with executive  transportation Mexico.

2. Executive protection Mexico recommends that money should be withdrawn from ATM's or exchange bureaus during daylight hours and inside banks or plazas rather than on the street. Affiliated  banks nationwide. ( Mexico: Banamex, Banorte, Santander, Scotiabank, etc.).

Executive protection and security protection services Mexico, informs travelers to be cautious about what bank machines they use. (John Rieti/CBC News).

3. Most mistakes and problems are caused by bad decisions, executive protection Mexico recommends avoid using ATM machines after banking hours; if necessary, use the ATM machines inside the local department stores and hotels.


4. Our experts at executive protection Mexico advise that you check to see who visits the plazas and convenience stores close to your resort. Some stores cater to the hotel's guests, but our executive transportation  services tell us, if it's a hangout for others, then absolutely avoid using the facility.

5. Executive protection Mexico recommends to never share your travel plans, your room number or any other personal information within earshot of strangers. Also, our executive security protection services advise to ask the front desk not to announce your room number but rather write it down or point to it.

6. Call executive protection Mexico to make your discreet hotel reservations in advance.  The front desk should not give out your name and room number if someone inquires. Call executive protection Mexico the next time you travel anywhere in Mexico. If the front desk gives out your room number to a stranger call executive protection Mexico.  The hotel front desk, should always call you first if someone wants to contact you.  Always be prepared to call our executive transportation services..

7. Your safety depends on making smart and calculated decisions, so call executive protection Mexico.  Register at the hotel by using only your last name and first initial. Women should consider booking the room under Mr. and Mrs.  You will always feel safe using our executive transportation Mexico.  
Ground Transportation Mexico | Executive Transporation Mexico

8. Executive protection Mexico recommends consider requesting a room that doesn't have an adjoining door.

9. VIP protection Mexico recommends to check the chain on the door and twist it if there's too much slack when the door is open.  Also, make sure the peephole is clear.

10. In case there is a  power outage, executive protection Mexico will suggest that you keep a penlight or flashlight near your bed.    Also, in case of a security breach, call our executive security protection services, have the hotel's name and address near you, know the emergency number to call in case of emergency (in Mexico it's 066) or executive protection Mexico.

11. If you're drinking or partying, please call  our executive transportation services and if you need more protectiom, call our offices immediately with VIP protection   Mexico.   Please  stay where you are and don't go off with someone you just met.  If you leave late at night, let someone know when you will return.  Call our armored limo services.
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12. Enjoy your holidays and feel safe with Alquimavi's executive protection Mexico.

13. At executive protection  Mexico, we advise not to accept drinks from strangers, as they may have been drugged or otherwise tampered.   Feel secure with Alquimave´s executive protection Mexico and make sure your balcony door is locked before leaving your room.

14. Executive protection Mexico recommends to exercise common sense, especially in areas less frequented by tourists. That means keeping a low profile and being aware of the people around you.
Follow these instructions: Courtesy of Executive Protection Mexico.  Dialing a cell phone from an International phone to a Mexican cell phone.

Dialing a cell phone in Mexico from outside Mexico.  Under changes made in the calling-party-pays system, as Nov. 4, 2006, if you are calling a Mexican cell phone from overseas, you should dial your country's international access code, followed by Mexico's country code (52), then add "1", then the mobile phone's area code and its  number. The full charge of the call will be made to the caller.

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Executive protection Mexico provides  services in  Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancun, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Polanco and Torreon.

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For example, if the cell phone number in Mexico is listed as 044 551234 5678, you would ignore the "044" or "045" (see notes above about these codes), and place a "1" instead. Then you would dial the area code(55) and then the number (1234 5678).

So from the USA/CA, you would dial :011 52 55 1234 5678, and from Europe you would dial: 00 52 1 55 1234 5678.

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EXECUTIVE PROTECTION MEXICO PROVIDES SERVICES IN MEXICO CITY, MONTERREY, GUADALAJARA, CANCUN, COZUMEL, ACAPULCO, CABO SAN LUCAS, including all of MEXICO, and delivers SERVICES WORLDWIDE in London England, Lima Peru, Managua Nicaragua, and Bogota Colombia, Los Angeles California, New York, and Kansas City Missouri.